Czech horseracing has signed a major agreement with the leading Czech-based betting company

On Monday, June 21st, a long-term partnership agreement was signed between Tipsport and the Jockey Club of the Czech Republic, on behalf of all Czech racecourses, and between Tipsport and Dostihový spolek Pardubice, organisers of events at Pardubice racecourse.

‎Tipsport, the leading Czech-based betting company will support horseracing at all Czech racecourses, and will bring back betting on the races to the smaller Czech racecourses.‎ Tipsport has decided to link its name with horseracing, which has more than a century of tradition here, and will contribute to the further development of the sport. An important aspect of the cooperation is strong support from Tipsport in the media for horseracing and for betting.

‎ “Fixed-odds betting was born at horse races and is an integral aspect of the sport around the ‎
‎ world. This is a partnership that makes marketing sense and perhaps also business sense for us in the future. There is a tradition of betting on the horses in countries like France and England, and we have also been observing increased interest in our country. The popularity of horseracing has been growing in recent years. I am therefore sincerely pleased with the cooperation that has been established, and we are happy to become a betting partner for all races in the Czech Republic,” Tipsport CEO Petr Knybel explains.

‎”We have joined the developed racing countries that cooperate with betting ‎companies,” says Josef Bečvář, President of the Jockey Club of the Czech Republic. “However, this is the first cooperation of this type in horseracing in the Czech Republic. I am convinced that it will be mutually beneficial and will provide racing with a unique opportunity to move into the world of major sports,” he adds.

‎ “This is the third year that Dostihový spolek has been cooperating with Tipsport,” says Jaroslav Müller, Director of Dostihový spolek. “The current year is the first season in which Tipsport will provide completely coverage of betting at Pardubice racecourse. In general, this connection between horseracing and a major player in the betting market promises to increase the popularity of horseracing among the general public.”

‎Cooperation with Tipsport has also been established by the Chuchle Arena Prague racecourse area, where horseracing has been the  main  activity since the first raceday took place at the racecourse in September 1906‎. The racecourse area, which now serves as a racetrack and as a competition ground for other equestrian sports, including show jumping, has undergone major changes in recent years. The total investment in reconstruction works has amounted to almost CZK 300 million since the Vítek family became the new owners. “We look forward to working with Tipsport. We are convinced that this step will help to gain even more popularity for horseracing among the public, and will provide more comfort for racegoers and for bettors,” says Vladimíra Durčáková, Director of Chuchle Arena Praha.

What will the partnership bring to Tipsport bettors?

‎It will link on-course betting with Tipsport’s branch network and with online betting. ‎
‎ ‎
‎ Tipsport’s marketing director Jan Čumpelík explains that this will provide a number of benefits for their clients: “We will pay out their winnings in our branch network throughout the Czech Republic, not only at the racecourses. They can bet without registering, which is allowed by the law for horseracing, but at the same time we also offer them all the advantages of registering for fixed-odds betting – the opportunity to bet on other sports, our loyalty programme, payment for bets on horseracing from their account, notifications of special betting opportunities, etc.” ‎
In addition, the races can be watched via TV Tipsport, the biggest Czech sports television company, which streams all race days live.

And by using the online mobile application, bettors can bet comfortably anywhere and at the same time watch the transmissions from Czech races, and also from many foreign racecourses.

Advantages of the‎ partnership for Czech horseracing

Jockey Club President Josef Bečvář summarizes the importance of the partnership for Czech horseracing: “We see the acquisition of a strategic partner not only in the area of financial support for Czech racing, but also for the provision of betting facilities at the races, as a very important step for the further development of Czech racing.

“This cooperation will not only bring new betting opportunities, provide some financial support for racecourses and increase the promotion of Czech racing, but is a model for attracting additional partners. It is necessary to thank the cooperating racecourses for their understanding and for their cooperation in preparing the contract with Tipsport.”

‎According to Dostihový spolek director Jaroslav Müller, the involvement of racing events in the online betting environment is an opportunity to raise awareness of the sport across the general public. “At the same time, it will give people who cannot be at the racecourse an opportunity to have  a bet. However, it is also important that bets will be taken at the racecourse by Tipsport. Betting is an integral part of horse racing, it belongs at the racecourse, and there is high demand for betting on the part of racegoers.”


This is a translation of an announcement posted on June 26th, 2021 on the Jockey Club of the Czech Republic’s website Jockey Club (